The Estates & Winegrowers

Friends, accomplices, partners, companions of the land and of passion, our winemakers are our brothers and sisters in the vineyard.  And we are proud to represent them


4 ways to Cultivate

At JNW, we prefer those who treat their grapes conscientiously in the vineyard, then measure and minimize interventions in the cellar.

Who are we?

First and foremost, we are passionate about wines, favouring QUALITY over quantity, and we firmly believe that our wines are the perfect accompaniment to good gastronomy.

We are wine sellers and distributors in Malaga. Just Naturally Wine was born as a small family project in 2016, with a carefully crafted proposal of unique, fine, subtle wines that are bursting with personality.

Our exclusive selection of wines is the result of the work of our friends the WINEMAKERS, or winemakers, who make it possible for you to enjoy a unique experience and qualities, offering an artisan, healthy and exclusive product.

The wineries we select come from the finest areas and vineyards in Spain and France, where they are produced using SUSTAINABLE, ECOLOGICAL AND BIODYNAMIC agriculture.

One of our hallmarks is that we offer you NATURAL WINES, made entirely by hand, without the use of pesticides or chemicals, additives and correctors of any kind and opposing the massive use of sulphur (SO2) and limited productions.

As a wine distribution company, we mainly target restaurants, gourmet hotels, beach bars and luxury beach clubs, wine bars and wine shops specialising in the province of Malaga, particularly in the area of Marbella and Costa del Sol.

In our online wine shop you can buy a wide selection of light, digestible and low alcohol wines. Savour them in moderation and experience their natural and authentic taste.

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